About Steve Thomas

Steve is a corporate audit executive for a Fortune 50 company. He has two decades of experience in business and technology, working with startups, non-profits, government and corporations. Steve has served on state-level and town boards, most recently the Prosper Parks and Recreation board. He lives in Gentle Creek with his wife Rhonda and their three children. Rhonda is a former teacher and remains active in the Prosper ISD. She serves on the Prosper Library Board and volunteers with Cornerstone.



I am committed to promoting transparency and accountability. I will represent your interests in public council and in executive session. I will be accountable for oversight and governance of our town during its next phase of growth and development.

I favor building strong relationships between our Town with neighboring municipalities and the Texas Department of Transportation to assure that the quality of life and transportation concerns of our residents are addressed in a fair and equitable manner. Keeping 380 on 380 will go far to support this initiative.

Property Taxes
I am aligned with Governor Abbot’s proposal to slow Texas property tax growth. This approach would prevent counties and school districts from collecting more than a 2.5 percent increase in property tax revenue than they did in the previous year without voter approval. This approval requirement would enable residents to determine if current taxation is commensurate with the desired level of town services.

Continued population increase will require more careful consideration of issues related to planning and zoning, and general land use. Town Council must be accountable for overseeing an environment that embraces smart growth and encourages development of amenities that residents want. My vision, one I share with a majority of the community, is for Prosper to remain differentiated from many of the region’s suburbs. Necessary steps require council men and women who are accessible to their neighbors, transparent in their intentions, and accountable for their actions.

Common Objective
As our town enters its next phase of anticipated growth, common objectives between Town Council and the ISD are vital. Although each entity has a different charter and area of governance, we should align on growth initiatives and assure our actions are complimentary to meet immediate and long-term goals.

It’s a runoff, let’s do it again.

Thanks for helping me take first place on the initial ballot with over 900 votes. Now the town will host a runoff election between just the incumbent and me.

Collin County residents can vote early and on election day at Prosper Town Hall while Denton County residents can vote at Proser Fire Station 2.

Tuesday 5/28 @ 8-5
Wednesday 5/29 @ 8-5
Thursday 5/30 @ 8-7*
Friday 5/31 @ 8-5
Saturday 6/1 @ 8-5
Monday 6/3 @ 7-7
Tuesday 6/4 @ 7-7
Saturday 6/8 @ 7-7

* voting hours are 8-7 at Town Hall and 8-5 at Fire Station 2 on Thursday

You can also view official election information from Collin or Denton counties.

photography by Anna Vines

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